Instructed French and English Second Language Acquisition.

  • Models of interlanguage development.
  • Cross-linguistic influence and morphosyntactic development.


Technology & Second Language Education.

  • Technology-enhanced language learning and instruction.
  • Multimedia-based second language learning and instructional design.


Content-based Language Education.

  • Content and language integrated learning in higher education.
  • Cross-curricular approaches to language education for young learners.


Second/Foreign Language Pedagogy.

  • Language teaching and adult learners.
  • Language teaching and young learners in public education.


Second/Foreign Language Policy.

  • Language policies and teacher professionalization.
  • Action research and second language teacher professionalization.


Quantitative Research in Second Language Education.

  • Quasi-experimental and descriptive classroom-based second language research.
  • Inferential statistics and second language education research.






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